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Malaysia, beautiful Malaysia. Yup, that's where I'm from. But you know what annoy me most sometimes? When people say, Malaysia? Where is Malaysia? While some of you who are thinking the same question, go get your world map..... find Asia....and it's next to Singapore....yes, we're there! You've found us!

Since you 've already know where is Malaysia, let me tell you a bit about my country. It's a multiracional country where the people here are from different races and religions. Majority Malays, there are also Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, Kadazans and lots more.

The national religion is Islam, national language is Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian language), national flower is the hibiscus and before I forgot, the capital city is Kuala Lumpur. There are 13 states and each of them have many beautiful places to visit. And the food here is superb. Hot and spicy! Simply delicious! And lots and lots and lots of healthy tropical fruits!