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Yup, it's THE MIEZ FILES. Forget about the X-files. This is even better :). Well, want to know me? Here are some details about myself.


The name is Ummi Haslinda Mohd. Rosli. Can't pronounce that? Just call me Ummi (pronounce as Um-mie)> Born on the 7th October 1978 on the bed of some private clinic ( I don't remember the name!) in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Anyway, I love to draw, dance, travel, cook and lots of other stuffs. Into all kinds of music. Now studying in UPM (University Putra Malaysia), torturing myself in accountancy...(I just can't wait to graduate!)

For those who just can't stand reading long biodatas or your eyes suddenly got all blurry, here's an easy reading for you :


Saying hello to my dear friends (Ex-MYPM '96/97 students). Shikin, KT, Fathiyah, Tiara, Eveleen, Carrie, Alinis, Fazalena, Mek and others...wherever you are. Love you guys.

And my roomates, college mates from UPM... Yati, Suhana, Anne, Sue, Umi Kecik, Nonie, Cipi, Suhaila and others who knows me.


Yup, I've travelled. Been to India, Singapore, Japan and hey, I just got back from Germany. Nice place, love the old buildings. But still, the best place will be Japan 'cause it's a beautiful country. Interesting people, culture and lots of amusement parks! I just love riding roller coasters!


Drawings, sketches.... that's what I do. What are my real dreams? I really want to work with the Walt Disney, as an animator. I just love their cartoons and animations. Simply lovely!

Most of my jigsaw puzzles are disney animations and characters. Anyway, I'm more to potreits, landscapes and animations. But still, many things to draw and sooo little time...

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