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Matric years... I'm the one in pink!

Enjoying ourselves at Port Dickson

My ex-roomates: Cipi, Jihan and Yati

Convo 1997/98

With my fellow dancers at Subang Parade... I'm the one in the blue sari

Me and Yati

My MIA (Missing In Action) friend - Ary.... woit, where are you? Contact me...

Watching sepak takraw match

Steve... guess what's he's doing...

Sim Sze Ying.... isn't she lovely in that red cheongsam?

Nonie .... she's cute, isn't she? :)

With Ravi

My current roomates - Suhana Anne


Floormates! New Year Celebration with Cipi & Suhaila at KLCC - 1/1/2000

Me and Audrey during the European Union on Jan.2000 (looks like I'd put some weight there and the dress was such a torture. I will never wear a dress ever again!)

Best of friends - Hi Percey!